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What is curling?

“Curling is a team sport, played on ice, where two teams take it in turns to slide stones made of granite towards a target – known as a House. It is an Olympic and Paralympic winter sport with medal disciplines for Women’s, Men’s, Mixed Doubles and mixed Wheelchair teams.”

– World Curling Federation (WCF)

“2 Minute Guide to Curling”

“Learn Curling | Lessons for New Curlers”

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Whether you are a new curler or a seasoned veteran, we have options to satisfy your needs!  Start by becoming familiar with our club by following these links:

Stay tuned to our social medias and website for open house and learn to curl dates at usually occur at the start of every season!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to give curling a try.  What equipment do I need to bring?

  • For those looking to step out on the ice for the first time, the only things you need are a clean pair of indoor shoes (running shoes work best), warm clothing, and pants with a bit of stretch to them such as jogging pants.

Why do I need clean, indoor shoes?

  • Well, the salt and sand that works so well to melt road ice and give it more grip has the same effect on curling ice.  Except that we like to keep our ice frozen and slippery!

How much warm clothing do I need?

  • That depends on the individual, but the air temperature out in the ice shed is usually in the range of 0 to 5°C so you can judge your clothing accordingly.  Just make sure you’re still able to move around in those layers!

Do I need my own broom and slider?

  • No, we have plenty of brooms and sliders available for your use.  If you decide to start curling regularly, we can certainly show you where to get equipment of your own!

Does each curler bring their own curling rocks?

  • No, the rocks belong to the curling club and stay on the ice all season.

Are there any learn to curl programs at the club?

  • We do have a junior curling program at the club where kids can come out and learn how to curl over the course of a full season.  
  • We do host open houses at the start and end of each season where people can come in and try curling for free.  Stay tuned to our social medias and website for dates and registration!
  • We will also do what we can during the season to provide a volunteer instructor for groups of people looking for a lesson in the basics of the sport.

I’m interested in signing up for some of the curling leagues at the club.  What does the club have to offer?

  • That’s great news!  We have many different curling leagues to offer you, depending on what you’re looking for.  You can check out the links above to learn more about what we offer.  

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

  • You can contact our General Manager and Head Ice Technician, Harold Walters, at and he will be happy to assist you!

Get excited about curling by watching some of these highlights!