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Major League Schedule

Mar. 156:00Peddigrew vs Sheppard
Walters vs LawrenceNoseworthy vs MeaneyWheeler vs Young
March 226:00Semi-final A Sheppard vs WaltersSemifinal B Meaney vs Wheeler
March 296:00Consolation Final B Noseworthy vs Winner of Semi-final BChampionship Final A
Peddigrew vs Sheppard


Note: Standings are based on the head-to-head results entered by teams on the board at the club.  Teams are responsible for ensuring their head-to-head results are entered correctly.


Ken Peddigrew10111
John Sheppard83111
Harold Walters83111
Andrew Lawrence74112
Steve Routledge6511
Cathy Cunningham65113
Don Hawco5611
Bob Osborne47111
Beth Hamilton4711
Cindy Miller38111
Brooke Godsland38113
Tylor Boone29111


Brian Noseworthy8210
Tony Meaney8210
Andrew Wheeler7310
Nathan Young6410
Dave Trickett5510
Gary Nolan5510
Laura Phillips4610
Rebecca Roberts4610
Wendy Dunne3710
Pam Osborne3710
Glenn Power2810

Major League Teams

Division A
A1Cindy Miller Jessica Cunningham Courtney Barnhill Noelle Thomas-Kennell
A2Gary Nolan Mark Burroughs Justin Garrett Gerry Beaudry
A3Bob Osborne Philip Osborne Lloyd Kendell Peter Wakeham
A4John SheppardStuart PoleAndrew Taylor Trevor Guest
A5Don HawcoShaun HawcoSean HanrahanBrett Reynolds
A6Laura Phillips Sandra Sparrow Tina Horlick Leslie Anne Walsh
A7Pam Osborne Candy Thomas Karen Harvey Barb Dawson
A8Tony Meaney
Blair Stockley
Tony Biles
Steve Martin
A9Tylor BooneTBDSteven Crummey Matt Walsh
A10Brian Noseworthy
Craig Butler
Ken Snelgrove
Bernie Martin
A11Cathy Cunningham
Diane Roberts
Heather Martin
Tish Tiller
Division B
B1Wendy DunneMarion DaweSusie EnnisAndrea Heffernan
B2Brooke GodslandMegan KearleyGabby MolloyMichelle TaylorCarroll Investments
B3Steve Routledge Scott Eaton Mark Flynn Darren Wall
B4Ken Peddigrew Neil Power Justin Hewitt TBD
B5Dave Trickett Tim Lawrence Tony Peach
B6Beth Hamilton Adrienne Mercer Heidi Trickett Carolyn Walters
B7Harold WaltersBill NewellBrad SheppardFrank Collins
B8Nathan YoungSam FollettBen StringerNathan Locke
B9Rebecca RobertsChantel NewellLauren Barron Sydney Parsons
B10Andrew Wheeler Ryan White Ryan Katz Marc Mahoney
B11Andrew Lawrence
Sarah Chaytor
Alex Phillips
Camille Burt
B12Glenn Power Kimberly Andrews Dax Pinsent Ashley Hillier
Evan Broderick

Team Contact

League Rules

Team Cunninghamccunningham@harveystravel-cwt.com
Team Dunnewendylolly@gmail.com
Team Boonetrb236@mun.ca
Team Godslandbrookegodsland@gmail.com902-599-0105
Team Hamiltonsbethhamilton@hotmail.com 690-6567
Team Hawco dhwaco@apexspec.ca687-5524
Team Lawrence AndrewlawrenceNL@gmail.com
Team Meaneymeaneytony@yahoo.ca685-6123
Team Miller ntkennell@outlook.com689-3990
Team Nolan markburroughs@gmail.com 743-7698
Team Noseworthy hmartinmobile@gmail.com
Team B. Osborne osborne.bob@gmail.com 738-3640
Team P. Osborne osborne.pam@gmail.com 728-0061
Team Peddigrewpowern@nl.rogers.com 729-3442
Team Phillips lauraanddale@bellaliant.net 685-1135
Team Powergrpower@yahoo.com 351-4005
Team Roberts r_roberts17@hotmail.com649-3345
Team Routledgeswroutledge@gmail.com 697-2415
Team Sheppardjohnsheppard@nfld.net743-3209
Team Wheeler andrewwheeler@nl.rogers.com 727-2413
Team Trickettdave.trickett@bellaliant.net 753-8333
Team Walterssjccmanager@gmail.com728-1301
Team Wheelerandrewwheeler@nl.rogers.com
Team Younggarmad63@hotmail.com685-0805

1. Games are 8 ends.

2. Blue rocks will have hammer in the first end.

3. Practice will take the form of 1 rock up and back per person. The team with blue rocks will practice first at 15 minutes prior to game time and yellow rocks will practice at 10 minutes to game time. 5 minutes to game time teams can shake hands and do practice slides. Games are to start sharp at 6 pm and 8:30 pm.

4. Games are on WEDNESDAY nights, 2 time slots. Prompt start 6:00pm and 8:30pm

5. Play follows Curling Canada’s general rules of play including the free guard zone.

6. No Age restrictions however regular Club rules for minors will apply.

7. Ties – Full extra end.

8. Rescheduling or postponing is strongly discouraged but if necessary please ensure you make contact with the opposing team and advise, the curling director, Osborne.pam@gmail.com . All make-up games must be played before the last scheduled round robin game.

9. Spare rules – Unlimited number of spares per game. Super League players can spare however there is only one per game and they must play front end. All other spares can fill in for the position they are sparing for or lower.

10. Teams are required to fill in the W/L chart on the board following the game. This includes indicating if a game is not played as scheduled.

11. Schedule posted on the Board will be final if discrepancy between the website and posted Schedule.

12. TEAM Entry Fee of $400 must be paid in full by Oct. 26th.

13. No Full Team playing in Super League is permitted to play in Major League but up to two (2) Super League players can play on a MIXED team in Major League with male and female players in alternating positions.