Men’s League Club Championship

Men’s League Round 1

Hello Myself and Matt Walsh are looking for 2 teammates to play 3rd and lead on Mondays Men’s League and Wednesday Major League. Also to play in spiels this season. We have two sponsors helps and are looking for more as well if interested please contact asap. Thank You

Justin Lockyer - 691-6161

Looking to join a team or form a team.

Max - 746-1857

Looking to join or form a competitive team

Ryan Krats - 730-1665

Looking to Join a Team or Spare? Sign up here!


1. This league will follow a tiered format. The top and bottom three (3) teams in each tier will be moved up or down respectively for the start of the next round robin.

2. Games will be eight (8) ends.

3. Men’s League is on Monday night. Prompt start at 6:30pm and 8:45pm.

4. Play follows Curling Canada’s general rules of play which includes the free guard zone.

5. Age restrictions – Minimum age of 15

6. Extra end will be a draw to the button. The team who scored in the final end will deliver the first stone.

7. Rescheduling or postponing is strongly discouraged but if necessary please ensure you make contact with the opposing team and advise the Curling Director  Bob Osborne

8. If a game is postponed and not played prior to the last night of the schedule, the team requesting the postponement will be awarded the loss.

9. Ensure all results are marked on the draw sheets by the end of the current round. If a result is not recorded, both teams will be treated as having a loss.

10. Spares can play the position for which they are filling in or lower. Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 spares per game.

11. Tie breaking procedure is as follows:  Wins > Head-to-head Wins > Coin Toss