DateTimeICE #1ICE #2ICE #3ICE #4ICE #5ICE #6BYE
Apr.36:30Power vs D Rose
Blyde vs HarveySheppard vs PeddigrewNoseworthy vs HawcoLahey vs Osborne Boone vs NolanMeaney, Routledge, Rose
Apr.38:45Thomas vs Walters
Henderson vs LawerenceKearley vs Wheeler
Perry vs BrentonShapter vs Booth
Penney vs Dawe
Trickett, Lockyer
Apr.106:30Lawrence vs Wheeler
Dawe vs D Rose
Booth vs Penney
Kearley vs HendersonMeaney vs RoutledgeRose vs TrickettNolan, Walters, Brenton
Apr.108:45Lockyer vs Perry Noseworthy vs Lahey
Blyde vs Sheppard
Hawco vs Osborne
Peddigrew vs HarveyBoone vs Thomas Shapter, Power

Men’s League Spares List

Men’s League Teams

Jeff Rose Keith Jewer Jon Collett Jason Clarke
Steve Routledge Darren Wall Mitch Ketch Rob Guy
Gary Nolan Mark Burroughs Justin Garrett Gerry Beaudry
Bob Osborne Philip Osborne Lloyd Kendell Peter Wakeham
Ken Peddigrew Neil Power Justin Hewwitt Aaron Mercer
Peter Moore
Andrew Wheeler Ryan White Ryan Katz Marc Mahoney
Jonathan Brenton Jaron Flynn Bernard Price Stuart White
Randy DaweBill SaundersTBDTBD
Andrew Lawrence Coleton Vriesendorp James Trickett Alex Phillips
Tyler Brown Scott Henderson Scott Eaton TBD
Dave Trickett Tim Lawrence Dave Dawe Tony Peach
Curtis Booth Max Owen Cousins TBD
Tylor BooneTBDSteven CrummeyMatt Walsh
Greg BlydeLiam GregoryIan WithycombeConnor Stapleton
Boyd PerryGreg SimmonsGreg WinterJamie Sharpe
John SheppardStuart PoleAndrew TaylorTrevor Guest
Harold WaltersBill NewellBrad SheppardFrank Collins
Don HawcoShawn HawcoSean HanrahanBrett Reynolds
Tony MeaneyBlair StockleyTony BilesSteve Martin
Wally PenneyRay KeatsJim ButtersTBD
Jeff ThomasGeoff CunninghamGlenn GossGary Tiller
Adrian PowerMark FlynnDan RyanBob Noseworthy
Paul HarveySteve BraggAndrew ManuelMike Day
Andy ShapterRobert RobereHoward HayesJohn Shurt
Dave LaheySteve SprattBrian PowerAaron Aikens
Matthew HuntEvan KearleyTBDShawn Kearley
Doyle RoseBob ClarkWayne Fitzpartick
Justin LockyerEvan BurgessChris BurgessTBD

Team Contact


Team 690-4094
Team Routledge 697-2415
Team Nolanmarkburroughs@gmail.com743-7698
Team Osborne 738-3640
Team Peddigrew 722-1548
Team 687-9599
Team 727-2413
Team 221-5608
Team 330-6601
Team 640-7441
Team 753-8333
Team Booth 753-7265
Team 765-6955
Team Sheppardjohnsheppard@nfld.net743-3209
Team 728-1301
Team Hawco dhawco@apexspec.ca682-5524
Team Meaneymeaneytony@yahoo.ca685-6123
Team Thomasgtiller@hotmail.ca689-1631
Team A.
Team Shapter748-2793
Team 746-9711
Team Hunt/Kearley 727-8028
Doyle Rose


1. This league will follow a tiered format. The top and bottom three (3) teams in each tier will be moved up or down respectively for the start of the next round robin.

2. Games will be eight (8) ends.

3. Men’s League is on Monday night. Prompt start at 6:30pm and 8:45pm.

4. Play follows Curling Canada’s general rules of play which includes the free guard zone.

5. Age restrictions – Minimum age of 15

6. Extra end will be a draw to the button. The team who scored in the final end will deliver the first stone.

7. Rescheduling or postponing is strongly discouraged but if necessary please ensure you make contact with the opposing team and advise the Men’s League Curling Director

8. If a game is postponed and not played prior to the last night of the schedule, the team requesting the postponement will be awarded the loss.

9. Ensure all results are marked on the draw sheets by the end of the current round. If a result is not recorded, both teams will be treated as having a loss.

10. Spares can play the position for which they are filling in or lower. Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 spares per game.

11. Tie breaking procedure is as follows:  Wins > Head-to-head Wins > Coin Toss