Super League Rules & Information

Overview                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Revised October 3, 2017         

The Superleague (SL) exists to allow the St. John’s Curling Club (SJCC) elite teams the opportunity to play against the best and better prepare them to compete in Provincial and National play downs.

The number of teams allowed in (SL) will be 12, unless voted otherwise at the yearly meeting.

The SL is run by the teams entering with general oversight by the SJCC Board.  Any significant changes may be voted by a majority in attendance at the annual pre-start SL meeting in the fall.

For the 2017-2018 Season the Co-Chairs are;

John Sheppard, President SJCC

Mark Noseworthy, 2017 SL Winner


All curlers participating in (SL) must have their registration fees paid on Curling I/O before the annual super league meeting starts. They must also have their (SL) entry fee paid before the meeting. Failure to have all team members registered or entry fee paid will disqualify a team from entering the league. Note* this rule will be enforced in the 2018/2019 season.


If a (SL) qualifier is required the following will apply.

      • Top 4 teams from the previous season will qualify, permitted they have 3 of the same players.
      • Previous year provincial champions will not automatically qualify.
      • The qualifier games will be scheduled in advance if possible.
      • The format for qualifying will be determined at the annual SL meeting.


Games are 8 ends, on Tuesday Nights. First practice is either at 6:00pm or 8:45pm (rotating with ladies league) or as decided by the SJCC Curling Director.

Extra games if required are typically booked on Sundays to make up the extra draws needed when there are greater than 12 teams.

The draw has been drafted to ensure were possible, teams play on all ices evenly with even rock colour assignments. Rock colour is decided and posted in the draw.

Pre-game practice

Blue rocks practice first. Practice will a maximum of 1 rock up and back per player with one player throwing a third rock back towards the glass which will be the draw to the button for hammer.

To ensure both sides of the sheet get thrown on during practice, the team with blue stones will throw their draw to the button clockwise towards the glass and yellow rocks will throw counter clockwise.

Teams must start their practices on time and if late will risk losing the time to throw all their rocks.  If a team misses their practice, hammer will be awarded to the other team.  If both teams are late last rock will be decided by coin toss.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees are $600 and may be revised annually at the SL meeting.  The entry fee should be high enough to ensure the elite status of the SL.  Deadline for entry fee is the beginning of the annual super league meeting.


Only paid up members of the SJCC are permitted to play in SL.  Visiting guests and members of other clubs are not permitted to play in SL. Fees must be paid prior to SL meeting.

Prize Money

Teams are awarded $35 per win and the balance of the entry fee revenue is divided as follows;

First place 45%
Second Place 35%
Third Place 20%
Fourth Place Entry fee


In the round robin spares for the SL can be any curling member of the SJCC who is not entered in the SL.

For the page playoffs spares can be any curling member of the SJCC as long as they were not a registered player on one of the SL teams making the playoffs.  Players missing the playoffs by a tie-breaker will be eligible to spare in the playoffs.

Game Postponement

The SJCC is very active and ice is at a premium.  SL games should not be rescheduled without reasonable cause and must be with the agreement of both teams.  The team requesting the postponement or pre-play will give notice via email to

Game re-scheduling is permitted in these typical circumstances;

      • At least three players unavailable to play for one team
      • Two or more players participating in a provincial or national curing event
      • Special last minute personal circumstances may be considered
      • Student exam week in December

The team requesting a postponement or pre-play must make a prompt effort to get a new date and time and the opposition must make a reasonable effort to accommodate the new date and time.   It is only fair that the team who did not request the postponement or pre-play will not be disadvantaged by the new time proposed.  For example, if the new time proposed means the team cannot ice their full team than it is reasonable that another time be offered.

All postponed games must be played prior to the start of the playoffs.  Any games not played prior to the playoffs will be defaulted by the team who originally requested the postponement.

Media Coverage

The SL will appoint someone to report to the media the weekly results from SL.  In reporting the results, the Skip Name and one Team Sponsor will be used as directed by each team.

Speed of Play

SL teams are to respect the time clock and keep the game moving so that subsequent draws are not late getting on the ice.  This is a skill that must be practiced should any SL team be successful in going on to Provincial or National Championships where time clocks are used.


With 12 or more teams the 4 team Page Playoff System will be used.

Playoff Games are 8 ends and will be scheduled by the SL co-chairs and/or the SJCC Curling committee. The championship game will be scheduled for the annual Club Championship night.

If tie breakers are required byes and hammer will be awarded to the team with the better win/loss record against the other team(s).

The team finishing in 1st place after the round robin will have hammer or choice of rock colour in the 1-2 game.

The team finishing in 3rd place after the round robin will have hammer or choice of rock colour in the 3-4 game.

1st Practice will be 20 minutes before the draw and will be 2 rocks up and back for each player. Whichever team has hammer practices first.

The winner of the 1-2 game has hammer or choice of rock colour in the final.

The loser of the 1-2 game drops to the semi and will have hammer or choice of rock colour in the semi-final


Curling Canada rules should be followed by all SL teams.  The SJCC recognizes that this will not always be possible at the start of the season if fabrics are not available but ask that all SL players must comply with the sweeping rules and allowable equipment by November 7, 2017.  Hair brushes can be used for sliding, but must be taped.


SL has always been a marquee event for the SJCC and while it is no longer mandatory (as games are not televised) all teams are encouraged to have identical on ice jackets.


Any decisions or interpretations of the above will be made by the SL co-chairs and/or the SJCC Curling committee.