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Super League Rules & Information

Note* – 2019/2020 Rules Pending

Overview                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Revised September 30, 2018          

The Superleague (SL) exists to allow the St. John’s Curling Club (SJCC) elite teams the opportunity to play against the best and better prepare them to compete in Provincial and National play downs.

  • For the 2018/2019 season the St. John’s Curling Association will run Superleague as a Club tournament.
  • There will be a maximum of 16 teams allowed in the league.
  • If there are more than 16 teams registered, a qualifier will take place.
  • If a qualifier is required, the following will apply:
    1. Only top 4 teams from previous season will automatically qualify, permitted they have three players from the previous season.
    2. Previous year provincial champions will NOT automatically qualify.
    3. The format for the qualifying event will be determined by the Curling Committee.
  • All players must have their registration paid before the league starts.
  • Deadline for registration for the 2018/2019 season is September 25th at 7:00pm.
  • If required, the qualifying event will occur between October 2nd and October 5th


  1. Games will follow Curling Canada’s General Rules of Curling
  2. No Age restriction however Club rules for minors will apply.
  3. Games are 8 ends.
  4. Full extra end if required
  5. Curling Canada competition broom head rules will apply, players must have competition heads for every game. No hair or corn brooms allowed. If hair or corn brooms are used as sliding devices, they must be taped to not allow any hair or corn to be visible.
  6. Pre-Game practice and Draw for Hammer. Teams with Blue Rocks will have first practice consisting of one rock up and down the sheet per player. Team will then choose one player to throw rock towards glass for last stone draw for hammer, team closet to the button will have hammer. A visual confirmation from the opposing team to determine rock placement will be used for measure. Teams can sweep their own rocks but not that of the opposition.

To ensure both sides of the sheet get worn in the team throwing Blue rocks will throw last stone draw with clockwise rotation. Teams with Yellow rocks will throw last stone draw with counter clockwise rotation.

Practice time for Blue rocks will be at 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time. Yellow will be immediately following the Blue rocks practice.

  1. Rescheduling or postponing games is strongly discouraged due to anticipated lack of available ice. If a game is to be postponed the team requesting the postponement must contact the Manager of the Club OR Curling Director AS WELL as the opposing team. A postponed game MUST be played within four weeks of initial postponement or by the end of the current schedule, whichever occurs first. If game is not played within the required time limit the team requesting the postponement will lose by default. Please note that the opposing team should make every effort to have their team available to play when ice is available.
  2. Ensure game results are posted to the Desk Computer immediately after each game. If results are not posted at end of posted schedule both teams will receive a loss.
  3. No individual can play full time in both Majorleague and Superleague, you can only register and play full time in one league.
  4. Spares – Any Curling Member of the Club can spare. Spares can play in position of player they are replacing or lower. A spare can play in every game but only to a maximum of twice with any one team. Teams can use unlimited spares per game.
  5. All measures will be taken to update the website of changes to the schedule but if necessary changes posted on the board will take precedence over website.
  6. Only paid up members of the SJCC are permitted to play in Superleague. Visiting guests and members of other curling clubs are not permitted to play in Superleague.


With 12 or more teams the 4 team page playoff system will be used.

Playoff games will be 8 ends and scheduled by the Curling Committee to have the Final played on Club Championship night.

Format and determination of hammer and rock colour will be based on NLCA playoff rules.

Prize Money:

All teams will receive $35.00 for every round robin win.

The balance will be distributed as follows after playoffs;

First Place – 40%

Second Place – 30%

Third Place – 20%

Forth Place – 10%

Any interpretations of the above or other decisions will be made by the Curling Committee.