• Play in weekly curling leagues
  • Advanced practice ice booking
  • Access to club facilities (bar, locker rooms, etc)
  • Ability to participate in exclusive club events (fun spiels, socials, etc.)
  • Immersion into a community of passionate, diverse, and inclusive people
  • Much more!

Membership Structure

Each Curling Membership has a base fee which includes practice ice privileges and two curling frequencies per week (i.e. optional entry into two leagues such as Women’s and Major League).

Each additional weekly curling frequency bears an fee of $50 + hst (i.e. a Curling Member who curls in Men’s League, Major League, and Mixed League will incur an additional $50 + hst fee for the third league, for a total cost of $652.17 + $50 = $702.17 + hst). 

Note that Curling Members are eligible to play in Social League for no additional fee even if it represents their 3rd+ weekly playing frequency.

Membership Categories and Pricing

Membership Base SJCC Fee* Tax NLCA Fee Curling Canada Fee Total
Curling $652.17 $97.83 $20.00 $2 $772.00

*Includes capital improvement fee


Discounts are available for:

  • 30 and Under
  • 60 and Over
  • Couples

Please note that discounts are not cumulative and will only be applied once to your base registration fee.  For example, if you are a curler that falls in the “60 and Over” discount category, and are also registering as a Couple, you will receive only the discount for being “60 and Over”.

​​When you register, all pricing and discounts will be applied automatically in Curling I/O based on your profile.

How to Purchase a Membership

  1. Click the blue button at the top of this page titled “Click here to purchase your membership!”
  2. Curling I/O, our registration engine, will open in a new browser tab.
  3. Ensure you are in the “Leagues” menu of Curling I/O.
  4. Register for the leagues you desire. 

Note: Membership fees for your first two SJCC leagues are included in the base SJCC fee. Other and.or additional leagues may require additional entry fees.

Practice Ice Booking Policy

  1. Practice ice will made available for booking 7 days in advance.
  2. The practice ice booking options are:
    1. 30 minute session (all players)
    2. 60 minute session (3+ players)
  3. Ice bookings can be cancelled using the online booking system if more than 24-hours in advance. Cancelations within 24 hours must be approved by the Club Manager, are highly discouraged, and may result in a change in booking privileges as described in section #4 below if consistent and frequent.
  4. If you no-show for an ice booking, you and/or your team will be given a warning. A second no-show may result in you and/or your team’s booking privileges being revoked for 2 weeks. Additional no-shows could result in permanent booking restrictions.
  5. Ice bookings may be moved ahead or later by no more than 30 minutes, and/or to different sheets, by the Club to maximize ice availability within a limited booking timeframe and/or support club operations, such as ice maintenance. Notice of changes will be provided by email.
  6. Ice bookings may be cancelled by the Club at any time to accommodate club operations including ice rentals, ice maintenance, etc. Notice of cancelation will be provided by email.
  7. Priority will be given to members competing in provincials, 10 days prior to their respective events. Times will be pre-booked and evenly distributed to all competing teams based on ice availability.

Questions or Concerns?

We are happy to help!  Any questions or concerns may be directed to

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