Dear Members;

 In June It was my honour to be elected as President of the SJCC for the 2015-2016 season.  It was also my honour to welcome the Board of Directors for this year as follows:


President                                Geoff Cunningham

Vice President                        Rick Rowsell

2nd Vice President                John Sheppard

Treasurer                                Carolyn Walters

Secretary                                 Cathy Cunningham

Past President                        Kerry Philpott


Curling                                    Pam Osborne

Junior Program                     Eugene Trickett

Property                                  Matthew Hanlon

Marketing                               Dave Noftall

Membership                           Susie Ennis

Social                                       Adrian Power

Morning Curling                    Anne Pennell

Special Projects                      Patricia Daly

Some highlights of this year are;

September 25             Ice plant started

October 4                    Ice ready

October 12                  Leagues start that week

November 27-29         Centennial Spiel

December 17              Xmas Dinner and Turkey Shoot-out

January 15-17             Cabot Spiel

January 26-31             SJCC hosts Men’s Tankard and Ladies Scotties Provincials

April 13                       Awards Night

April 21-24                  Bon Voyage

Click Here to see the Full Calendar!

Your Board and executive have already met twice over the summer and I am confident we are going to have an exciting year at the SJCC.  One of the items on my agenda was to plan the dates for SJCC events as much as possible in advance so members could get club events into their personal calendars.  Just click this link and the 2015-2016 calendar can be viewed on our website.  This calendar will be updated regularly.

Curling Stones

As part of the overall club improvement initiative, our curling stones were shipped back to Canadian Curling Stone this summer.  The stones will be sharpened and we re-gauged their striking bands.  The results will be rocks that curl better and will have better action when they strike each other. In short better stones = better curling.


The final coating has been applied to our roof.  We expect to have a leak free roof this winter.


Harold is doing an excellent job taking care of our aging plant.  This summer one of our compressor motors was re-built and ice making will start September 25.

Membership renewal

Curling at the SJCC is by far one of the best values for recreation in the City.  This we feel will attract even more people to the game this year.  On-line registration is open.  You can access the online registration by Clicking Here.

It is requested that everyone register online, even if you prefer to pay in-person at the club, due to the waver forms being online. Please register in advance of coming to the club to pay. If you cannot access online registration you can contact our membership director Susie Ennis at or simply contact the club office.

SJCC hosts Men’s Tankard and Ladies Scotties Provincials

For the first time the NLCA has decided that one club will host the Men’s and Ladies Provincials simultaniously.  This is a huge opportunity for the SJCC and we plan on making that weekend a busy one for the club with lots of great curling to watch and social events to make the Provincials an event to remember.

That’s all for now, if you have any questions on club activities feel free to contact me or any member of the club Executive or Board of Directors. Make curling part of your healthy living plans this winter…see you at the rink!

Geoff Cunningham