Investing in Curling’s Future

At the St. John’s Curling / ReMAX Center, we pride ourselves on the opportunity to introduce curling to so many exceptional young people and athletes so that they can lead our sport into the future.

Our junior program is committed to providing personalized instruction, monitoring skill development, and maintaining a safe and fun environment for all.

A Proven Program

Our junior program is designed to develop and grow curlers from the young age of 4 right through until their adult curling careers.  Participants in our junior programs have played and succeeded at all levels including the provincial, national, and international stages.

What’s unique about our program is that many of the curlers who went through our junior program continue to stay involved with as Instructors to share their experiences with and inspire the next generation of curlers.

Our Junior Curling Programs

Program Ages Time Cost
Monday Afterschool 10 – 18 3:30pm – 5:00pm See notes
Tuesday Afterschool 10 – 18 3:30pm – 5:00pm See notes
Thursday Afterschool 10 – 18 3:30pm – 5:00pm See notes
Friday  Under 18 (Team-based) 3:30pm – 5:00pm See notes
Saturday Little Rocks 5-10 9am – 10am See notes
Saturday Inter Club League Under 18 10am – 12pm TBA
Saturday Learn to Curl 10-18 12pm – 1pm $125


  1. Costs:  Base cost of $250 for the 1st day.  It costs $100 to register for the 2nd day, and $50 to register for the 3rd day.
  2. Family Discount:  30% discount applied to the base cost.  Family discount is applied for each additional child.

Junior Curling Program Descriptions

After School Curling (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

  • This program is structured for both new and experienced curlers. Monday or Tuesday (3:30 pm-5:00 pm) curling for those in the 10-13 age group and Thursday afternoon for 14 plus. This is not a hard fast rule but to be used as a guide. It is really a combination of age and skill level. After school is where the skill development and drills are a priority. 

After School Curling (Friday)

  • Provide the opportunity for team games and practice for u18/u16 teams entering provincial play downs. This is dependant on ice availability.

Saturday Little Rocks

  • Saturday mornings 9am-10am are for the Under 10 age group. This program is an introduction to curling with a fun environment. Family’s are encouraged to come down and participate as well. If demand requires, there will be a 8am-9am time slot.

Saturday Inter Club League

  • We are proud of our partnership with Bally Haly that allows us to offer a youth curling league for our junior teams.  Whether competitive aspirations or looking to have a fun time with peers, the Inter Club League provides young teams an opportunity to play games at both the St. John’s Curling Club / ReMAX Center and Bally Haly!

Saturday Learn to Curl

  • The 8-week Youth Learn to Curl was created for those that are not available to attend after school sessions.
  • Provides an opportunity to curl if the after school time slot does not fit in your schedule. Saturday from 12pm-1pm will be for the 10-18 age group. There will be instruction provided over an 8 week program. 


All participants will be required to bring clean indoor shoes and loose clothing. All other equipment is provided.  A helmet is required for participants under 10 years of age.

If looking to buy your own equipment, you may contact Harold Walter at

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