Registration for after school curling is scheduled for Thursday September 22nd and Monday September 26th between 7:00 pm and 9:00pm at the Re/Max Centre home of the St John’s Curling Club. CLICK HERE for the registration form.

Again, this year we will be offering Monday or Tuesday curling for those in the 10-13 age group and Thursday afternoon for 14 plus. This is not a hard fast rule but to be used as a guide. It is really a combination of age and skill level.

 We are planning to start after the Thanksgiving Day weekend. You should get 20 plus session throughout the year. Our slot is 3:30 – 5:30 pm. Monday/ Tuesday usually finishes by 5:15pm.  We are usually on the ice by 3:40 pm.

 We will be holding an Open House session prior to the start of the program.

 Fridays when available, will provide the opportunity for team games and practice for u18/u16 teams entering provincial play downs. This depends on ice availability.

 In addition, we are also considering when the ice is available having some extra fun games with mixed up teams Saturday 10:15 – 11:30 after family curling. We can do this about 6 times before Christmas. You must be registered in the after school program to participate. (This is a work in progress and the structure to be determined)

 After school is where the skill development and drills are a priority.


The cost for 2016/17 will be $160 and $120 per additional child. If space permits after initial registration we will offer a Mon/ Tues. – 2 day slot at an additional cost.

We are planning to continue the development of our Curling Passport Book Program this year which is a skills badge program.