Super League Draw #9 Recap








For the second consecutive week, the three women’s teams were defeated by the men’s teams (and, in the only battle of the spouses this season, Mike Day was lead on the Paul Harvey foursome that defeated his wife Sarah’s team.   Sarah plays second stone on the Heather Strong foursome.)  There follows the scores and highlights for the six matchups this week in the 2016 – 2017 RE/MAX SuperLeague Season:


ICE #1:      Team Stacie Curtis (with Julie Devereaux skipping and Erin Porter throwing last rocks) was edged 5-3 by the Greg Blyde Junior Team when Porter’s outturn tap to tie the game hung out wide.


ICE #2:     Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy scored the only multiple (a deuce) on a takeout in the final end in a 4-2 win over A. Harvey (skipped by Jeff Thomas) — the second lowest scoring game of the SuperLeague season.


ICE #3:      Carroll Investments gave up a steal of 3 in the 4th end which enabled the Defending Champion, McInnes Cooper (skipped by Trent Skanes), to take a 5-3 victory and keep their playoff hopes alive.


ICE #4:      Team Mark Noseworthy, a former RE/MAX SuperLeague winner, had steals in the 5th, 6th, & 7th ends on route to a key 6-2 win over another former RE/MAX SuperLeague winner Team Colin Thomas,   The Noseworthy foursome has a 7-2 record and stays tied for second place.


ICE #5:     Team Shelley Hardy (the team still in contention at 4-5 but with the least likely chance of making the playoffs) scored in just 2 ends (both multiples) in a 7-6 extra end loss to Fun ‘N’ Fast.   The Adam Boland skipped team stole the winning point when Hardy’s inturn hit with hammer crashed a guard.


ICE #6:     Team Paul Harvey stayed in First Place with a 7-5 victory over Team Heather Strong.   The lead changed hands 5 times, but the winning points (a 3-count) came when Strong’s outturn draw against a group os stomes at the top of the 12-foot circle sailed too deep to force Harvey to throw his hammer.


The Standings, with fifty-two of the 66 round robin games now completed, reads:

7 – 1    Team Paul Harvey

7 – 2    Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy (skipped by Andrew Symonds)

7 – 2    Team Mark Noseworthy

6 – 2    Fun ‘N’ Fast (skipped by Adam Boland)


5 – 4    Team Colin Thomas

5 – 4    Team Heather Strong

4 – 4    McInnes Cooper (skipped by Trent Skanes)


3 – 5     A. Harvey (skipped by Jeff Thomas)

4 – 5    Team Shelley Hardy

2 – 7    Greg Blyde Junior Team

1 – 8    Team Stacie Curtis

1 – 8    Carroll Investments (skipped by Andrew Taylor)


NOTE 1:       In Draw #10 next week (which will include the first of two make-up games), Team Paul Harvey and Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy (the top two teams) play each other in the feature game at centre court.   The teams with four losses will be hoping for a Paul Harvey victory and that Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy loses its final game against Team Curtis.   The two teams with 5 losses will need a lot of help, including a 3-game losing streak by Fun ‘N’ Fast.   The last two draws in RE/MAX SuperLeague curling will be split by the Christmas break.   After Draw #10 next week, SuperLeague will take 2-weeks off before concluding the round robin the first week in January.