Team #SkipThirdSecondLead
1Brian Noseworthy
Bill Newell
Ken Snelgrove
2Howard Heys
Robert Roberre
Jim Short
Pat Doyle
3Craig Courage
Kevin Foley
Evan Broderick
4Chris Dawe
Craig Ward
Ryan Belbin
Kris Wikobrado
5Robert Guy

Shawn Hawco

Darren Wall
Steve Routledge

6Thomas Hawkins
Tim Pike
Jason Fancey
Randy Bouzan
7Jim Butters
Ray Keats
Robert Noseworthy
8Robert Johnston
Kent Rogers
Brian Johnston
Chris Burgess
9Sean O’Leary
Andrew Trickett
Jensen Wiseman
Jake Young
10Brian Power
Doyle Rose
Team #SkipThirdSecondLead
11Shawnessey Gallagher

Danny LeBlanc
Sean Hanrahan
Jason Counsel
12Evan McDonah

Coleton Vriesendorp

James Trickett
Alex Phillips

13Justin Hewitt

Brandon Gillespie
Justin Layden
Shawn Kennell
14Justin Lockyer
Stephen Spratt
Jacob Gazeley
Jason Noel
15Tony Meaney

Jeremy MacAulay

Anthony Peach
Dan Ryan

16Gary Nolan
Mark Burroughs
Kenny Saunders
Justin Garrett
17Tony Biles
Paul Smith
Reg Caughie
18Harold Walters
Dave Trickett
Frank Collins
Brad Sheppard
19Neil Power
Andrew Wheeler
Jake Burt
Dave Dawe
20Randy Dawe
Ron Hobbs
Alan Evans
Geoff Guzzwell
Team #SkipThirdSecondLead
21Jonathan Branton
Jaron Flynn
Bernard Price
Stuart White
22Daniel Bruce
Ryan McNeil Lamswood
Joel Krats
Nathan King
23Don Hawco

Adrian Power

Carl Hynes

Bill Saunders
24Alex Smith
Adam Boland
Andrew Manuel
Keith Jewer
25Greg Smith
Randy Turpin
John Sheppard
Ian Withycombe
26Matthew Smith
Glynn Williams
Steve Tibbs
Blair Evans
27Colin Thomas
Stephen Trickett
Zach Young
Mike Mosher
28Jeff Thomas
Lorne Henderson
Tim Jones
Rob Henderson
29Bob Osborne
Philip Osborne
Grant Maddigan
Steve Manuel

Team Builder

Looking to join a team. Stepped away for 2 years but have 12 plus years of curling. Played number of tournaments. Have experience in all positions. Give a call if interested.

Christopher Burgess - (709) 693-2507

20+ years experience, men’s leagues/mixed leagues/competitive leagues
(204) 750-0164

Ian Toews (204) 750-0164

Looking to Join a Team or Spare? Sign up here!


1. Play follows Curling Canada’s general rules of play which includes the free guard zone.

2. Age restrictions – Minimum age of 15 as of October 1st of current season.

3. Games will be eight (8) ends.

4. Extra end will be a draw to the button. The team who DID NOT score in the final end will decide which team delivers the first stone. The rock will be considered in play between Hog Line & Back Line.

5. Men’s League is on Monday night. Prompt start at 6:30pm and 8:45pm.

6. Teams with Blue Rocks will have the Hammer in the first end.

7. Due to ice availability, there will be no rescheduling or postponing games. If you cannot ice a team you will default. If you must default a game please ensure you make contact with the opposing team and advise the Club Manager (Harold Waltersor the Curling Director (Bob Osborne).

8. No hair or corn brooms allowed for sweeping. Only Club approved broom heads allowed. Club Manager and or Head Ice Maker, will have authority to remove brooms that are non compliant. If hair or corn broom used for sliding device, they must be taped to not allow any hair or corn to be visible.

9. Ensure game results are posted to the Desk Computer immediately after each game. If results are not posted at end of posted schedule both teams will receive a loss.

10. Spares – Any Male Curling Member of the Club can spare. Spares can play in position of player they are replacing or lower. A spare can play with the same team up to a maximum of twice in each round. Teams can use up to two (2) spares per game.

11. Tie breaking procedure is as follows:  Wins > Head-to-head Wins > Coin Toss

12. All measures will be taken to update the website of changes to the schedule but if necessary changes posted on the board will take precedence over website.