Super League Rules & Information


  1. General Rules
  • Team entry fee is $800, which must be paid online prior to the league’s first draw on Tues, Oct 12th.
  • Each game will be played over 8 ends according to the 5-rock rule. If the game is tied after 8 ends, teams will play a full extra end if time permits. If not, then each team will throw a draw to the button for the win.
  • NEW – For early draws, there will be a hard time cap of 2hr 15mins to play the game to allow for pace of play and out of respect for the late draw of ladies league so that they can start their games on time. A new end can be started (could be the extra end) as long as you have not hit this time limit. If you are over the time, then the current end WILL be the last. If tied after this then a draw to the button must be played. If there is a delay in ice preparation, the time will be compensated for at the end of the games to ensure we get the full 2hr 15min of gameplay. For late draws the ice is ours and we can take any extra time if needed, although we want to try and stay consistent with pace of play. 
  • NLCA Rules of Competition (and by extension Curling Canada Rules of Curling), latest edition, will apply to any situation not specifically addressed in these rules.
  • Only WCT-approved brush heads are permitted for use.
  • All teams are strongly encouraged to wear identical on-ice apparel in recognition of the SL being a marquee event of the SJCC.
  • Only paid up members of the SJCC are permitted to play in SL. Visiting guests and members of other clubs are not permitted to play in SL unless they are an official team member and also have approval of the club to do so.
  • All issues not specifically addressed by these rules will be determined by the SL Committee (Stephen Trickett and Sam Follett for 2021-2022).
  1. Pre-Game Practice
  • Blue will have first practice. 
  • Pre-game practice will begin 15 minutes before the scheduled draw.  
  • Each player is allowed to throw a total of 2 practice rocks, 1 up and 1 back. To balance the wear on the ice, blue must practice on the right half of the sheet going toward the scoreboard.
  1. Spare Rules
  • In the round robin, spares for the SL can be any curling member of the SJCC who is not entered in the SL. 
  • For the page playoffs, spares can be any curling member of the SJCC as long as they were not a registered player on one of the SL teams making the playoffs. Players missing the playoffs by a tie-breaker will be eligible to spare in the playoffs.
  • The unlimited substitution rule will apply, in that teams are not limited to the number of spares that can be used in any particular game.
  • The same spare can only be used a maximum of three (3) times in a season by the same team.
  • Spares cannot play any “higher” in the lineup than the team member they are replacing (i.e. if the second is missing from your team, the spare cannot play vice or skip).
  1. Pre-Plays and Post-Plays
  • Due to the need for timely media reporting, respect for the ice being at a premium, and for maintaining the prominence/consistency of the SL, pre-plays and post-plays are highly discouraged unless a team is traveling together to compete in a curling competition. Please make every attempt to find spares when you are missing players.
  • When a team is traveling together and must miss a scheduled draw, that team must arrange with the other team to either (a) pre-play, or (b) post-play within one (1) week of the scheduled game. Both teams should be reasonable in accommodating such requests, but the team being asked to move the scheduled game should not be disadvantaged by the new time proposed.
  • For any other circumstances, teams must seek approval from the SL Committee as soon as they become aware of an issue. The Committee’s decision is final on whether there should be an exception granted. 
  • Any team that does not respect this rule will forfeit the game in question.
  • Without exception, all postponed round robin games must be played prior to the end of the round robin schedule.  Any games not played prior to this date will be forfeited by the team who originally requested the postponement.
  1. Playoffs (New Format – 6 teams)
    • The top 6 teams from the round robin will qualify for the playoffs (any earn a bye into superleague next season).
    • The top 2 teams will advance directly to the semi-finals. The next 4 teams will play in the quarter final games (3v6 and 4v5). 
    • First practice will be 20 minutes before the draw and will be 2 rocks up and back for each player. Whichever team has hammer practices first. 
    • Tiebreaking procedures will be determined in the following order:
      • 1. Head to Head 
      • 2. Points for and against
      • 3. Hammers won in RR
      • 4. Coin Toss
    • Hammer/stone choice in the playoffs:
      • If tiebreakers are required, byes and/or hammer will be awarded to the team with the better win/loss record against the other team(s). If this results in a deadlock, the SL committee will determine an appropriate secondary tiebreaker. The teams with the  higher seed in RR will have hammer or choice of rock colour in the quarter finals, semi finals and finals
    • Payouts:
      • Winner: $3,160 (~45% net pot, i.e. net $800 for 4th plus pay-per win totals) 
      • Runner-up: $2,300 (~35% net pot)
      • Third: $1,300 (~20% net pot)
      • Fourth: $800
  • Fifth: (Bye into 2022/2023 Superleague)
  • Sixth: (Bye into 2022/2023 Superleague)
    • $40 pay per win

Any interpretations of the above or other decisions will be made by the Curling Committee.