Nov. 24-27 we are having a Trade Your Players tournament. It is going to be a great time with plenty of laughs and bragging rights. 

The premise of this event is to sign up your normal team that you play with this season and on Nov 24 just before the first game all players will be put into a pool based on their respective positions.We will have a draw for selection and then the fun starts. The first Lead will pick the Second for their team, then the next team will pick and so on till all the Second position players are picked. The process will continue until all the teams are filled with all position players. The only catch is that you can’t pick a player that you regularly played on a team with over the last two years. 

The event is a single knock out and the eventual winning team will win the whole pot in cold hard cash. That is where you start rubbing it in your normal team’s face, you won and they did not so who is the reason for your team’s success. 

The event is limited to 16 teams and will be accepted on a first paid basis. You can pay Bob Osborne with your full team registration of $80.00 ($20.00 per person). Deadline is Nov. 17th. 

The Draft will be on Friday Nov 24th at 6:00 pm and there will be two draws on Friday night at  6:30 and 8:45 pm. Your team will only play one of these and then there will be two games on Saturday tentatively set for 11:00 and 2:00 pm and then the final will be on Sunday at 11:00 am. 

This event is open to any team, Women’s, Men’s or Mixed. Any level of curling experience. Don’t forget you get to draft your own team so you could end up with the best in the club. 

Sign up early, sign up on the board at the club. and get set for a few games and fun.